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Humanists of Utah

Humanists of Utah, founded in 1991, is a chapter of the American Humanist Association. We are a non profit corporation organized to advocate humanism among our membership and the larger community.

Humanism Promotes
Joyful Living, Rational Thinking, and Responsible Behavior.

Utah Humanist - October 2014

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Monthly Meeting

Apologies for the announcement that on 9/11, the Humanists of Utah would host a presentation by Julie Boyden of her new translation of the ancient English story, Beowulf. She had understood from me that she would speak on October 9. She really will speak on October 9.

She calls Beowulf a pagan hero and aims to remove the Christian themes from her translation which she thinks have crept into the poem over the centuries. She will identify the Christianity and why it is there when she talks to us. She will describe what she thinks is the original story that would reflect the original pagan culture that produced the story. Needless to say, her translation is without a Christian overlay. Ms. Boyden says, "The society that produced the story of Beowulf might, wrongly, be considered by many as nasty, or brutish, even primitive; but that long-lost society exemplified a firm trust in Fate...a strict code of honor, loyalty, and oath-keeping, the importance of doing one's duty...The promise of God-given rewards for living a life built on Christian principles plays no part in the lives of the warriors of Beowulf."

For all the disappointed who, in September, instead of listening to Julie Boyden, watched Sally Jo's copy of the latest Beowulf movie, please return to actually hear a speaker in October. And no, Humanists of Utah are not becoming an Olde English Literary Club. We are continuing with our mission to spark discussion of issues based on rational thought.

The meeting will be held at 7:30 PM on Thursday October 9, in Eliot Hall at the First Unitarian Church located at 569 South 1300 East, in Salt Lake City. The lecture will be followed by questions and answers and light refreshments. Please come and bring a friend.

All interested people are welcome, there is no charge to attend but donations are always welcomed.

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Humanist Counselor

Elaine Stehel

As a Certified Humanist Minister, Elaine Stehel serves secular, humanist, non-theist, and inter-religious Utahans. First consultation meetings are free of charge. Fees (found here) include three pre-event meetings, unlimited phone calls and e-mails, and day-of event officiating. A non-refundable deposit of $30 (toward the total cost) is required to hold the date for your event.

If you wish to have an officiant at any non-conventional life event not listed on the site, please contact Elaine at elaine at humanistsofutah. for a free consultation meeting to see what can be arranged! All of life is worth celebrating.

Homeless Youth Resource Center

Needs Continue

We did a good job at our summer picnic; we collected a lot of needed items and money for the HYRC. The sincerely appreciated our help but we did not include a golden goose; our donations did not last forever.

The HYRC is a perennial need; The HoU Board is committed to continue supporting this worthy cause.

We are planning another major collection event at our December banquet. Please plan on donating things season specific items like coats, blankets, and even sleeping bags.

You can also money any time, just present it to any board member and we will see that it gets delivered.

Thank you!

AHA Participation

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The American Humanist Association now has the capacity to offer e-action alerts with links that will allow you to contact your legislators. You can sign up for AHA e-action alerts and/or email. If you would like to receive AHA press releases, please email.

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