Eupraxophy, Living Without Religion

Book Review

November 1993

Eupraxophy, Living Without Religion written by Paul Kurtz, was published by Prometheus Books in 1989.

Paul Kurtz is the Editor of Free Inquiry and President of CODESH. "Eupraxophy" is a word coined by Kurtz to more accurately define humanism. The Greek roots of the word are eu, good; praxis, conduct; and sophia, wisdom. His excellent book of only 160 pages is an exciting exploration of the various aspects of positive humanism. Eupraxophy is about the nature of the universe and how to live a meaningful, moral life. It also deals with the humanist challenge of creating a just society. Kurtz offers concrete recommendations for the development of humanism as an individual and as a community. It deserves a reading by every serious humanist. I read a Salt Lake County library copy, but plan to add it to my growing library of essential humanist books.

--Flo Wineriter